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Sadly we are following the recommendation of the Methodist Church and suspending all our services and meetings for the foreseeable future, particularly as a number of our congregation are over 70.

However, this does not mean that we abandon the spiritual and social needs of our congregation and readers, wherever you are. We are aware that people should remain in their homes but we are endeavouring to meet their needs by producing a weekly service that can be used within the home and encouraging contact with others via, email, text, skype, phone and postal services.

The weekly service can been accessed in pdf format by selecting the required service below.

It is hoped that the services can be adapted so that they become more interactive.  Just watch this space.

If you wish to comment etc then please send to:


Home Service Access

All our services are on ‘Zoom’ until further notice.

If you wish to join our services please contact:


And I will supply you with the required information to join.